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16+ accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation16+ Supported Accommodation

Additional Services - Our Way of Working

We use the "See Me, Hear Me"  framework in supporting our young females. This approach includes the Voice of the young person, protecting the young person and the voice of professionals. 

Voice of the young person:

What if I don’t see it as abuse?  

Don’t make assumptions about who I am and what I need

How do I know that what you have planned will keep me safe? 

Help make me safe and stop it happening

Have you checked who else may be at risk? 

It’s not just me

How will you support me if this goes to court?  

Punish the right people  

Do I have hope for the future?

Don’t think there is a quick fix

Protecting the young person:

What is this child telling us about risk, harm and need – through signs and symptoms and not just words?

Are our decisions right for this child?

Are we considering the other children who may be affected or involved?

What do we have in place to  support young people through the court process?

What services are available to respond to all the needs of this child now and in the future? Do we need to develop more?

Voice of the Professional:

This work is stressful – how do I manage the impact on me?

What is this young person’s behaviour telling me?

Will my managers back me when I need to make difficult decisions?

Do I know enough?

Getting support and staying strong

Trustworthy management 

Being curious about the child

Being confident and able to act

We also use the Strengthening Families model, which I, the Director, am trained to use. This way of working includes assessment and planning to support our young females, their families and other professionals:

  • What are we worried about
  • What is working well
  • What needs to happen
  • Safety Plan

 We work very hard to ensure that our young females are not labled as victims, thus no victim blaming, but survivors and moving forward with a smooth transition to be strong, confident and independent young women.