Milton Keynes, England.

16+ accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation16+ Supported Accommodation

Journey to Recovery and Independence



Mission Statement

Four Angel Care is going to provide accommodation to support young females on their journey to recovery, independence and “Shatter the Silence"

Four Angel Care is the only Specialist Exploitation bespoke supported accommodation for young females. I am a high-level Child Sexual (CSE) and Child Criminal (CCE) Exploitation specialist with a BA Honours Social Work Degree. My Specialist Exploitation Team is committed in providing outstanding levels of supported accommodation and excellent opportunities for young people in a safe and supportive environment from which all our young females can meet their full healthy, safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic independence.

A Bespoke Service

A safe supported accommodation setting, where young females will feel supported and achieve positive outcomes.

Every young female has their own welcome pack of personal items. 

Every young person has their own SUITCASE…we do not accept black bags!!

24/7 on site staffing.

Every young female has the option to access additional services such as therapy by MK Practice. This includes trauma therapy for young people and clinical supervision for staff, Activities, such as horse riding, gardening, walking, gym and so on.

Independent Living skills and knowledge programme....budgeting, food shopping, small household repairs and decorating, cooking, cleaning, gardening, how and where to contact support services, CV writing, job applications, sourcing furniture, applying for benefits and so on.

CSE and CCE training for the placed young females.

CSE and CCE training for staff, families and other professionals.

Return home interviews.

Informative CSE risk assessments, using the SAFEGUARD tool and the assessment child and family framework.

Weekly reports of our young people.

Pre-trial, during and after trial plans (if a young person is required to attend court).

Out reach work with families or other professionals to support a smooth moving on transition.