Milton Keynes, England.

16+ accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation16+ Supported Accommodation

Four Angel Care

About us

The name Four Angel Care was created by me... Debbie Weissang, Director in honour of my four wonderful children, who have been part of my very busy social work career for many years. I also give much credit to my wonderful husband who has stood by me and supported my new project. 

I am a high-level child sexual ( CSE) and child criminal (CCE) exploitation specialist with a BA Honours Social Work Degree for over 13 years. I have worked in London Boroughs and written many Policy and procedures for CSE and Missing. I am one of the authors for the CSE Operating Protocol for the Metropolitan Police. I am also a CSE trainer and have trained hundreds of professionals, young people and parents. I remain a registered social worker with HCPC and will be completing much of the work with my committed staff members; who will work night and day to support and keep our young females safe on their journey to recovery and independence.

I decided sometime ago that I wanted to provide accommodation to support young females into independence and their journey to recovery after being exploited or at risk of being exploited. I have been inspired by many young females with whom I have had the pleasure to  work with over the years, and who had shown such bravery and resilience to move forward with their lives.

Four Angel Care provides specialist accommodation and a high level of optional specialist additional services to support for young females into independence aged 16+ who are at risk of being exploited or who have been exploited. Support and guidance regarding Health and Education needs will be provided.

Four Angel Care is a female only  Child Sexual (CSE)and Child Criminal (CCE) Exploitation  Specialist Supported Accommodation. We can also provide specialist supported accommodation for Trafficked, FGM, Missing and Radicalisation young females. The staff are qualified and committed to provide optional additional services to support our females to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic independence.

The setting of the accommodation is a four bedroom house in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, which has been decorated to a high standard. I have worked extremely hard to ensure that the house has a warm and welcoming feeling. Each of the three bedrooms are decorated in a different colour, with new bedding and furniture. All personal items that a young female may need are ready and this includes a hairdryer and straighteners...Each young female has their own large suitcase, as we do not accept belongings in black bags or other bags.

I have a very clear vision that young females aged 16+ who come and stay at Four Angel Care will be Seen and Heard. They will be provided with support and guidance to keep safe, listened to, not judged, we will show an interest in them as a young person, support them to be part of any plans made. We will support and encourage our young females "on their journey to recovery and independence".