Milton Keynes, England.

16+ accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation

16+ Supported Accommodation16+ Supported Accommodation

Accessible Service

We have access to The Practice MK in Milton Keynes who are able to undertake comprehensive clinical assessments of each young female who is placed at Four Angel Care, which will then inform a optional bespoke support package, this is optional and does not form the main function of our service.

The Practice MK is a multi-disciplinary psychology practice that specialises in complex clinical assessments and therapies. The highly experienced team includes a number of health and wellbeing practitioners including: 

  • Psychologists
  • Counsellors and Therapists
  • Family Mediators 

All Psychologists working for The Practice MK are registered with the HCPC and hold enhanced DBS certificates.  All Counsellors and Therapists are registered with nationally recognised professional bodies and hold enhanced DBS certificates also. 

A key additional service for our young females is identifying and understanding possible trauma which The Practice MK will assess and deliver appropriate trauma based therapy which is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). Interventions are tailored to clients and may include one to one of group based activities.

Staff working with individuals with trauma and complex needs will be provided with clinical supervision by The Practice MK to support and develop our own skills and experience that enables us to deliver the best possible level of care and support for our young clients.


As a social worker and with my dedicated team we will be providing support and guidance to the young females into independence.

We will provide CSE and CCE training to our young females and explore the grooming process in detail over several sessions. 

I will work with parents and other family members and professionals to support the young females journey to recovery and independence.

There is the option of walking in one of the activities, as this physical activity can enhance the mental and physical health of our young females. Gardening is also an included optional activity as this is particularly associated mental clarity and feelings of reward. Our achievement goals will be for the young female to sustain the changes, healthy well-being and be independent.